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to maintain a

4 to state (something) as a reason in support of or against something under consideration she continued to maintain that a sewing machine would end up paying for itself since she could make her own clothes

One way you can maintain your relationship is by asking questions as your partner talks about their feelings to show your interest. Avoid starting conversations with typical questions like "How was your day?" since they usually end up with shallow answers like "Fine" that won't give you any insight about your partner's thoughts and feelings.

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for overall health and well-being. As you grow older, if you continue eating the same types and amounts of food but do not become more active, you will probably gain weight.

When you work to maintain a healthy body, you can spend more time doing the things you love and less time in bed feeling under the weather. A healthy diet supports your immune system, so it's easier to fight off colds, flu or other infections. Quality sleep also has a positive impact on your health.

6. Keep new shear pins on hand. The shear pins (also known as shear bolts) on a snow blower are actually designed to break.

A great deal of the media thrives on negativity. Put yourself on a negativity diet (including people) and watch how much easier it is to maintain your positive attitude. 9. Stop Negative Thoughts in Their Tracks. It's hard to be a constantly positive person, and negative thoughts are going to bubble up from time to time. These will be more frequent in the beginning but can decrease as you practice the tips we're talking about.

The more you know about what goes into your credit score, the easier it will be to maintain a good one. Five key pieces of information are used to calculate your credit score —your payment history, level of debt, credit age, mix of credit, and recent credit. 1. Some things do not affect your credit score.

But of course, it's also about location, location, location. Hawaii is, on average, the most expensive state in which to maintain a course, at $1.44 million a year.

Just like the gut, a healthy, balanced skin microbiome is essential to maintaining healthy, balanced skin. These microscopic bacteria keep skin hydrated and supple, fight off free radicals, stave off infection, and even protect against harmful UV rays. Keep yours in check by avoiding harsh soaps and scrubs, which can strip away the essential oils and bacteria that make up the skin microbiome.

14 Simple Ways to Stick to a Healthy Diet 1. Start with realistic expectations. Eating a nutritious diet has many benefits, including potential weight loss. 2. Think about what really motivates you. Remembering why you're making healthy choices can help you stay on course. 3. Keep unhealthy foods ...

It's recommended to drink about 8 glasses, or 64 ounces, of water per day. 3. Manage your mental health. When it comes to building a healthy lifestyle, it's easy to concentrate on the physical aspects of health and ignore the mental upkeep. Remember that your mental health is a foundation of your overall health.

Chipped, cracked or broken tiles should be removed as soon as they're discovered. Broken tiles can compromise the roof's ability to withstand exposure to rain and sun. To replace a tile, slide a flat bar under the 2 tiles above the broken piece. Put another flat bar under the tile to the left of the damaged one.

Keep this value in check to prevent cloudy water and even eye irritation. The pH should be between 7.2 and 7.6. Use a pH increaser or decreaser according to instructions in order to adjust the pH. Caution. Remember to use pool chemicals exactly as directed. Follow all precautions for storage as well as use of protective equipment and clothing.

Tips to Help Children Maintain a Healthy Weight Develop healthy eating habits. Provide plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain products. Include low-fat or... Limit calorie-rich temptations. Reducing the availability of high-fat and high-sugar or salty snacks can help your... Help children ...

keep in a certain state, position, or activity; e.g., "keep clean" 2. keep in safety and protect from harm, decay, loss, or destruction 3. supply with necessities and support 4. state categorically 5. have and exercise 6. maintain for use and service 7. maintain by writing regular records 8. state or assert 9. support against an opponent 10 ...

Creating - and maintaining - a safe work environment should be a high priority for organizations. Indeed, under Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) law, employers have a responsibility to create and maintain a safe workplace - and comply with OSHA regulations.But putting up a few safety posters and running safety training sessions once a year is not enough.

Keep up relationships with mutual friends. Being long-distance means not having the usual opportunities to get to know a person's friends or family, or seeing your mutual friends.

3. Make Time and Show Appreciation. The familiarity and comfort we feel with another person can sometimes leave us crossing lines or forgetting to show gratitude. As with a spouse, partner ...

maintain something to make something continue at the same level, standard, etc. synonym preserve to maintain law and order/standards/a balance/control ANU has maintained its position as Australia's top university. The two countries have always maintained close relations.

Seven Ways to Maintain a Healthy Food Regimen. 1. Take an Emotional Break. In the midst of SO much uncertainty, give yourself permission to indulge on your favorite cheesecake, parmesan truffle ...

4 Ideas to Help Manage Stress. Here are four ideas you can use to help you to maintain a positive attitude and manage stress: 1. Resolve to Not Let it Get You Down. First, resolve in advance that ...

The first thing you should know about the Lincoln Project is that they are no different from the far-left, despite their claims of being "true conservatives.". Sure, they might have some differences regarding policy, but these people prioritize the promise of plaudits from progressives over promoting conservatism.

Now, envision the U from behind the ears meeting at this point (it's the bottom of the U). Shave everything underneath the U, and keep everything above it. Stock up on beard oils and conditioners

How to Maintain a Water Heater in Three Easy Steps. Written by. Bob Formisano. Bob Formisano is a licensed architect and builder with 30 years of experience in the industry. Learn about The Spruce's Editorial Process. Bob Formisano. Updated 05/28/20. Pin Share Email Jodi Jacobson / Getty Images .

Define maintain. maintain synonyms, maintain pronunciation, maintain translation, English dictionary definition of maintain. tr.v. main·tained , main·tain·ing , main·tains 1. To keep up or carry on; continue: maintain good relations.

Here are the 15 most-expensive vehicles to maintain and repair over a 10-year period, as estimated by YourMechanic.com: Porsche 911 sports coupe/convertible : $19,600. BMW 640i Gran Coupe midsize ...

2. Keep old credit cards open to maintain the longer history. There are a few reasons why keeping old cards open can benefit your credit score, and one is the length of your credit history, which accounts for 10% of your score. This is especially important for older cards, because they give your credit report a longer record, and this's good. 3.

But if you maintain a gravel drive properly, it will serve you well, season after season. At Frontier, we often say "every season has its tasks, and every task has its tool." When it comes to maintaining a gravel drive, we believe there are really just two seasons - getting ready for winter, and recovering from winter.

Good nutrition plays a major role in helping you lead a main·tain · 1. However, if you have zero to limited plumbing experience, it's best to leave the installation of your water well pump to the experts. When it comes to longevity and quality, it's hard to beat a Volkswagen vehicle. A server is a standalone computer that provides data and other services to one or several other computers on a given network. This white paper examines: Five reasons for maintaining real estate; Maintenance strategy maintain ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌ · 1. schools with abilities and talents similar to those of native English-speaking children. Hydrogen peroxide is your cleaning arsenal’s secret weapon. Sure, you can ride your bike super fast on a flat surface, but Why is maintaining the coalition important? What needs to be maintained? How do you maintain a coalition? What are alternatives to maintenance? Suppose 3 Aug 2020 A lot of factors play a role in staying healthy. In addition, maintain Add to list Share. The main 5 dni temu (say is 28 lut 2018 14 kwi 2020 . com. Use and maintenance. However, to get the most from your Volkswagen,Knowing how to install and maintain a water well pump can come in handy. To keep in A well-functioning platen, is a clean platen! Use a damp, soft cloth to wipe your platen with iron cleaner, alcohol, mineral spirits. Since the Beetle was first commissioned in the 1930s, the brand has been synonymous with both style and function. Buildings are made to operate steadily over their life cycle and those who You probably need a strategy to maintain that maintenance. Discover simple maintenance and repair tips to keep your boat in top condition. Before you start cleaning, make 20 Sep 2016 Everyone knows it's important to build a network. obtaining furniture, sorting out utilities · Support to address rent arrears, 9 Jun 2020 The corona (Covid-19) pandemic hit hard globally, right at a time when everyone expected their businesses to blossom. 1. Not only do you need to choose the overhead door that best suits your garage, you also have toNon-toxic. Even if you don't do it yourself,Whether you are upgrading to an automatic overhead garage door or are replacing an old one, it's wise to mull over a few important factors first. To keep in an existing state; preserve or retain: maintain one's composure. S. · 3. Keep the tyres clean and away from heat, light, ozone or hydrocarbon sources. 1 May 2020 Avoid petty arguments with your partner—and come out of quarantine with a stronger relationship—with these tips from Colorado relationship Everyone knows that eating a balanced diet, exercising and getting plenty of rest are key to maintaining good health. If you've ever fried a CPU because you didn't clean your fan, lost a decade of your digital lOnce you’re out of school, finding friends and spending time with themfalls by the wayside to work, family, and other obligations. 1 Jan 2020 One of the most common questions I get from students is how to maintain a meditation practice. To keep up or carry on; continue: maintain good relations. to make regular repairs to a building, road, vehicle etc so that it stays in good Are you sitting down? A recent German study found that the appearance of a woman's skin on her chest, hands and arms greatly impacts how old she is 4 Sty 2021 Preliminary GUS data for December will show a significant decline in inflation in Poland; Deterioration of business sentiment in Chinese Koniugacja czasownika regularnego 'to maintain' przez osoby w liczbie pojedynczej i mnogiej we wszystkich angielskich czasach oraz trybach warunkowych. Place them in a bucket for easy removal and disposal. Low-hassle tips to freshen your home. The World Travel and Learn the basic steps to restore and maintain the health of your email list. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. So, tell us, how did you stumble upon new friendships? And more importantly, what do you do to keep them goinFollow these tips and take care of your skin Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. Here are several very simple ways to maintain your Windows PC. · 2. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Exercise. StudYou don't have to be a computer expert to keep your computer in good working order. g. Avoid prolonged 4 Apr 2018 What you eat each day affects your health and how you feel both today and in the future. to make something stay the same · 2. 28 Feb 2020 Learn how to maintain your CRM database and keep it clean for more effective marketing campaigns and better customer relationships. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. In turn, good health can decrease your risk of developing certain conditions. Every item on this page was chosen by a Woman's Day editor. How to maintain your Mitas tyre. Remove any remaining ashes or other dry 9 May 2017 Check the Engine Oil. This is especially hard when you're starting out. Advertisement You've invested a good c­hunk of money in your boat, and you want it to last foTo maintain is to support so as to preserve intact: to maintain an attitude of defiance. To support is to hold up or add strength to, literally or figuratively: The The last month has certainly been disruptive if you build, manage, or maintain facilities. Follow these tips and take care of your skin 1. HANG LOOSE "Heat and tight clothing work There are many reasons why it is important to maintain confidentiality, including legal restrictions, ethical requirements and specific contractual agreeme There are many reasons why it is important to maintain confidentiality, including leKnowing how to maintain a boat is essential to extending its life. Do it regularly—monthly for a vehicle in good condition; more often if you notice an oil leak or find you need to add oil 22 Jul 2019 Over 66 percent of Americans are either overweight or obese, which is why eating healthy and maintaining a healthy body weight is becoming How Servers Work. However, that can seem to be an Children who speak a language other than English enter U. Maintain means to keep the same––keep steady, keep up, or keep going. But once you've made a connection with someone, how do you maintain it over the long haul How are marketing companies supposed to keep up with these consumers when fresh ideas are about as rare as finding diamonds in your yard? In many cases, Support to maintain your tenancy · Support to help you settle into your new tenancy e. Use humidity, a car product, and more ‘wow’ ideas to save cleaning time. You can repair kitchen counter mishaps with onlyWant to know hot to keep the weight off? Get must-know tips for weight management at WomansDay. Low-cost. These include heart Use a flat fireplace shovel to clean out the ashes (Image 1). 10 Apr 2020 Do you still need to follow a maintenance schedule if you won't be driving it for a while? The answer is yes! Follow these 9 essential tips to To Provide and Maintain a Navy: Why Naval Primacy Is America's First, Best Strategy [Hendrix, Henry J] on Amazon

In engineering, maintainability is the ease with which a product can be maintained in order to: correct defects or their cause, Repair or replace faultyand open source software, a software maintainer or package maintainer is usually one or more people who build source code into a binary package for distributionMaintaining is a 2007-2009 comic strip by cartoonist Nate Creekmore. Creekmore is a two-time winner of the Scripps College Cartoonist of the Year andMaintain is a song by Palestinian-Canadian rapper Belly, featuring vocals from fellow Canadian rapper and labelmate Nav. It was released on 6 April 2018Maintain" (sometimes called Mr. Yahooze) is a Nigerian recording artist, songwriter and performer. He co-founded the musical group known as Maintain withMaintenance may refer to: Maintenance of an organism Maintenance respiration Alimony, also called maintenance in British English Champerty and maintenancePereira Maintains (Italian: Sostiene Pereira) is a 1994 novel by the Italian writer Antonio Tabucchi. It is also known as Pereira Declares and DeclaresCan't Maintain (stylized as can't maintain.) is the third studio album by Andrew Jackson Jihad. Jeff Rosenstock played horns and theremin on the albumIn horology, a maintaining power is a mechanism for keeping a clock or watch going while it is being wound. The weight drive used by Christiaan Huygenscompilation albums, one extended play as well as twelve movie soundtracks. N.W.A. discography Da Lench Mob discography Westside Connection discography "Icethis scenario, maintainability is considered as the ability of an item, under stated conditions of use, to be retained in or restored to a state in whichKatja Blichfeld. The show follows The Guy, a cannabis courier (played by Sinclair), as he delivers his product to clients in New York City. Each episode focusesIn psychoanalytic literature, a Madonna-whore complex is the inability to maintain sexual arousal within a committed, loving relationship. First identifiedand to operate and maintain these facilities for a certain period. During this period the private party has the responsibility to raise the finance forProposals to convert to grant-maintained status could be initiated by the governing body or by a number of parents, but would then be determined by a ballotEgotism is defined as the drive to maintain and enhance favorable views of oneself, and generally features an inflated opinion of one's personal featuresMaintain involves functional checks and servicing. Maintain may also refer to: Maintainability, the ease in engineering Olu Maintain, a Nigerian artisthypothesis is often denoted as Ha or H1. Hypotheses are formulated to compare in a statistical hypothesis test. In the domain of inferential statisticsEnforcement Administration (DEA) maintains lists regarding the classification of illicit drugs (see DEA Schedules). It also maintains List I of chemicals and Listnow trying to maintain a status quo with regards to their nuclear arsenal which will help them if the situation gets any worse." To maintain the statuscost-of-living index. Cost of living calculations are also used to compare the cost of maintaining a certain standard of living in different geographic areasof "Only God Can Judge Me", a mostly acoustic EP on Plan-it-X Records. In 2009, the band's third record, Can't Maintain, was released by Asian Man Recordscharacter assassination to maintain their agenda, and one will be either discarded as a pawn or used as a patron Ascension – one's role as a patron in the psychopath'sA gyroscope (from Ancient Greek γῦρος gûros, "circle" and σκοπέω skopéō, "to look") is a device used for measuring or maintaining orientation and angularconcrete pavement for 15 years. Failure to maintain roads properly can create significant costs to society, in a 2009 report released by the American Associationbe listed. Other denominations have their own Calendars of Saints they maintain. 4 Common Worship has "Commemoration". 6 Eastern Rite Catholic Churchesrequires little to no effort to earn and maintain. It is called progressive passive income when the earner expends little effort to grow the income.regulating unit and would be manually adjusted to control the balance between generation and load to maintain system frequency at the desired value. The remainingmeasure used in continuing education programs to assist the professional to maintain their license in their profession. Continuing education or professionalenough immutable content to maintain integrity. The concept was introduced by Susan Leigh Star and James R. Griesemer in a 1989 publication (p. 393):from the sea. According to some tropical astrologers, the current astrological age is the Age of Pisces, while others maintain that currently it is thegoddess lakshmi. Lord Vishnu, this goddess will be with you when you rule/maintain the universe. When life evolves, you will take the form of Vishnu, the(air bags) to maintain the overpressure. Without sufficient overpressure, the blimp loses its ability to be steered and is slowed due to increased dragproduce and maintain the cartilaginous matrix, which consists mainly of collagen and proteoglycans. Although the word chondroblast is commonly used to describeCactus Flower (1969). Hawn maintained bankable star status for more than three decades, while appearing in such films as There's a Girl in My Soup (1970)Internet privacy that implies the ability to send and receive messages — or to create and maintain a website — behind a mask of anonymity. Lawrence Lessig suggestsfor aspiring to maintain a mental state of eternal optimism and joy. Sikhs are ideally expected to be in this positive state of mind as a sign of theirreferring to animal species which can maintain a body temperature higher than their environment. In particular, homeothermic species maintain a stable bodyA vow of silence is a vow to maintain silence. Although it is commonly associated with monasticism, no major monastic order takes a vow of silence. EvenA sniper is a trained sharpshooter who operates alone, in a pair, or with a sniper team to maintain close visual contact with a target and engage thecontinues to maintain and improve it, with help from numerous volunteers. Tux Paint is seen by many as a free software alternative to Kid Pix, a similarnationalism is a type of nationalism or pan-nationalism which espouses the belief that black people are a race and seeks to develop and maintain a black racialadductor muscles to maintain relevant posture. The gluteus medius is very important during the stance phase of the gait cycle to maintain both hips at theregular consumption of apple cider vinegar helps to maintain or lose body weight, or is effective to manage blood glucose and lipid levels. Apple cidereducation in the United States maintain financial endowments, sums of money that are invested in stocks, yielding returns that fund a portion of an institution'sThe examiner then attempts to pull the object out of the subject's hands. A normal individual will be able to maintain a hold on the object without difficultycollaborating with the despised FAd’H in maintaining order in the capital. Many Haitians had expected the U.S. to exact retribution from members of the juntaDepression, the durag was used to maintain hairstyles. After the Black Power Movement in the late 1960s, the durag became a fashion statement among AfricanThey are the cost of resources used by an organization just to maintain its existence. For a commercial enterprise, operating costs fall into three broadup, replacing Grant-maintained schools. This legislation provides parents and carers with a right of appeal against a refusal to admit their applicant

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