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the reputation of

Перевод контекст "the reputation of" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: the reputation of the united, reputation of the organization.

The reputation of a social entity (a person, a social group, an organization, or a place) is an opinion about that entity, typically as a result of social evaluation on a set of criteria...

Перевод слова reputation, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, однокоренные слова, примеры использования.

reputation definition: 1. the opinion that people in general have about someone or something, or how much respect or…. Add reputation to one of your lists below, or create a new one.

#Reputation is one of the greatest reinventions the pop landscape has witnessed in the past decade. Although it isn't one of the most drastic or versatile...

Reputation definition, the estimation in which a person or thing is held, especially by the community or the public generally; repute: a man of good reputation. See more.

The reputation of these two caballeros had long been known, and Tyro was well acquainted with it. A woman's reputation—a thing so lightly thrown away with an idler's word, a Lovelace's smile!

Reputation definition: To have a reputation for something means to be known or remembered for it. | to have the reputation of being a cheat. Webster's New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition.

Reputation, as distinct from image, is the process and the effect of transmission of a target image. To be more precise, we call reputation transmission a communication of an evaluation without the...

Many translated example sentences containing "reputation of the series" - Russian-English dictionary and search engine for Russian translations.

The mill has the reputation of being one of the most energy-efficient in the world.• Then I read the opinion of one scholar whose reputation towered among Orientalists.reputation for• The college's...

The reputation of his learning led Majorianus to treat him with the greatest respect. "I don't have a reputation," she responded archly. He made his reputation fighting them.

the estimation in which a person or thing is held, esp. by the community or the public generally; repute:a man of good reputation. favorable repute; good name:to ruin one's reputation by misconduct.

Define reputation. reputation synonyms, reputation pronunciation, reputation translation, English dictionary definition of reputation. n. 1. The general opinion or judgment of the public about a person...

14c. "credit, good reputation", Latin reputationem ("consideration, thinking over"), noun of action from past participle stem of reputo ("reflect upon, reckon, count over"), from the prefix re- ("again") + puto ("reckon, consider"). IPA(key): /ˌɹɛpjʊˈteɪʃən/.

The intermediary controls how you perceive the reputation of person C. In the case of a large network like the internet, where you have no direct knowledge, Google is person B.

Reputation is the public opinion or evaluation of a person, group or organization. Ought I not to have been more careful to win the good opinion of others, more determined to conquer their hostility or indifference?

You can gain or lose favor, otherwise known as reputation, with many of the several different factions in Azeroth by completing certain quests or killing certain creatures (mostly bosses and mobs). Doing so will usually unlock special rewards or new quests to accomplish.

Definition of reputation. 1a : overall quality or character as seen or judged by people in general. b : recognition by other people of some characteristic or ability has the reputation of being clever.

Kind of questioning the reality and the perception of a reputation what that actually… how much "This is a song where the idea of reputation is definitely something that I play on for the entire album...

When the reputation of a company is more positive than its underlying reality, this gap Second, a positive reputation requires that at least 20% of the stories in the leading media be positive, no more...

Meaning of reputation. What does reputation mean? Information and translations of reputation in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

In spite of the unromantic reputation of the British, over 16 million Valentine cards are sent each year on February 14th. 39% of Valentine cards are sent by women and 61% by men.

Your reputation is the general belief or opinion that other people have about you. If you are considered trustworthy and kind, you have a good reputation. Reputation comes from the Latin word...

The results of the study to analyze the existence of a significant effect of the dimensions of the Strategic Flexibility in the study sample companies in Organizational Reputation, and show the...

Quotes tagged as "reputation" Showing 1-30 of 357. "By this curious turn of disposition I have gained the reputation of deliberate heartlessness; how undeserved, I alone can appreciate."

You can gain or lose favor, otherwise known as reputation, with many of the several different factions in Azeroth. Higher reputation gives access to special rewards or new quests to accomplish. You can increase reputations using several methods, including: Completing quests aligned with the faction...

Finally a methodology for correlating 20 Jun 2012 1. In this context Change the reputation of a file or a certificate to allow or block it in your environment. Our goal is to help you make smarter financial decisions by providing you with interactive tools and financial calculators, publishing original and objective content, by enablWith digital marketing, marketers can shape their message and represent their brand in a positive light. Early rate through December 4 By Samuel Thimothy, VP at OneIMS. The domain you use for sending your emails 23 Nov 2020 During his lifetime and the four centuries following his death, King Edward II (1307-1327) acquired a reputation for having engaged in sexual The internet is the catalyst for this high-speed connection of company with reputation, and while it has given companies new ways to communicate, it has also The reputation of philanthropy since 1750 - Browse and buy the Hardcover edition of The reputation of philanthropy since 1750 by Hugh Cunningham. Over the course of the last 18 months, we've The Article will focus primarily on lawyers' reputations as a proxy for what clients want, or need, to know about their representatives. The issue of reputation of a local government unit is located on the border of two important branches of law – civil and administrative. Certainly when we talk to C-level, 29 Lis 2020 Abstract. com Building a reputable brJoachim Schwalbach at the Humboldt University Berlin conducted the world's largest study on the reputation of CEOs and companies. With Threat Intelligence Exchange server, you can set file and certificate 24 Jan 2004 Both forms are acceptable, but I'd presonally prefer reputation + for . But a number of world Today's news junkies have little choice but to consume their media online, but fake news can make it hard to distinguish fact from fiction. A total of 184 companies reputation as In her last job she gained a reputation as a hard worker. 11 Sep 2020 And if you have no reputation at all, people may never hear of your company in the first place, limiting your customer pool and potential longevity. I asked him what Zuckerberg was an idea guy; Musk built his enterprises on his reputation. Reputation is a piece of public information that summarizes how a person behaves towards others. Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney has said that the reputation of the UK is being damaged by the British government's actions in relation to Brexit 2017 brought a raft of crises that destroyed personal and corporate reputations. 18 Apr 2020 Reputation is an invaluable intangible asset that impacts on how your staff, customers and other key stakeholders perceive your organisation. COLLOCATIONSverbshave a good/bad etc reputationThe law firm has an excellent What does it bring our business in terms of sales, financial performance, word-of-mouth? Reputation can seem a vague concept. If you’re that entrepreneur, solving We are an independent, advertising-supported comparison service. I sat with my new client to begin what would be an intense three-hour personal branding “intake” session, the first step in my reputation management coaching. Which category describes you? With a brilliant idea, any entrepreneur hypothetically should find it possible to achieve success. Ok, let's start with the basics, some of which you may be already aware of. Part I offers a taxonomy of the 29 lis 2020 . Doing so with success requires a balance that protects your company while improving customer experience. Businesses should plan ahead to limit reputational risks in this social media age. These crises and shattered reputations had a direct and negative impact on The university reputation or rank depends on different criteria like: Academic reputation ,Employer reputation ,Faculty/student ratio , Citations per paper , Papers “How do defaults affect lead arranger reputation in the loan syndication market?” Effect of Poor Performance on Financial Intermediary Reputation 2085. In traditional marketing, managing a brand’s reputation is left to public relations pros. Nonprofit organizations dedicated to promoting and elevating the standards of journalism have spent Far more than “managing,” when it comes to your reputation, it’s vital to lead and direct the conversation. Corporate ownership biases and party political corruption in the mainstream media and print news also divert attention from the truth. Corporate reputation management begins with real-time perception data. Use tools such as ConsumerAffairs for Brands to get ahead of the game, make contingency plans for negative pIt takes more than success to build a memorable personal brand. Learn how to measure your company's perceptions and create a stronger business 7 Jan 2016 However, on closer inspection, it could be argued that this reputation argument is a falsehood. The key to doing so is review collection. Awarding excellence in company culture. The public's trust and confidence in the profession (and the reputation of the profession generally) can be undermined by an osteopath's professional or The third part discusses the concept of knowledge shareholders and the impact of reputation to the knowledge shareholders. In the age of Facebook and Tweeting presidents, fake news is rife on the internet. TodContrary to the old adage, there is such a thing as bad publicity. Individuals often invest High quality example sentences with “jeopardize the reputation of” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write Downloadable! In contemporary economies, reputation has become a very important factor for companies that interact directly with customers. AleksandarGeorgiev/Getty Images Large businesses are more visible to the public—so they’reIt's wishful thinking to hope that you'll never face a reputation crisis within your company, so be prepared. Both Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary and Macmillan English Buy The Reputation Game: The Art of Changing How People See You Illustrated by Waller, David, Younger, Rupert (ISBN: 9781786070715) from Amazon's Section 9(1) of the Defamation Act 2005 (NSW) states that a corporation has no cause of action for defamation in relation to the publication of defamatory matter It's no surprise that a negative reputation is bad for business, but the actual price tag attached to a company's trust is rarely calculated. But, they should seek to protect their reputation where the honour of God is at stake, provided doing so is consistent with the countercultural values of the gospel. Social media has fundamentally changed the way we do business by giving voice to millions of consumers in instantaneous, global (and very public) Thus, reputation is defined as 'a perceptual representation of a company's past actions and future prospects that describe the firm's overall appeal to all its key 24 Jul 2020 Domain reputation. Introduction. Does online reputation mattWhile you should always monitor your company's reputation and defend against problems that arise, you should also remain proactive

The reputation of a social entity (a person, a social group, an organization, or a place) is an opinion about that entity, typically as a result of socialSwift's Reputation Stadium Tour was the fifth concert tour and first all-stadium tour by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, in support of her sixthThe Reputation was an indie rock band from Chicago, Illinois. The band was fronted by former Sarge singer-songwriter Elizabeth Elmore, with other positionsThe following is a list of episodes for the British drama Lewis that first aired in 2006. As of 10 November 2015, 33 episodes have aired. This seriesReputation management refers to the influencing and controlling or concealing of an individual's or group's reputation. Originally a public relations termReputation is generalized or held view of a person or a group Reputation management is the practice of understanding or influencing an individual or business'"The Repairer of Reputations" is a short story published by Robert W. Chambers in the collection The King in Yellow in 1895. The story is an example of"Lost Reputation" is the fourteenth season premiere of the police procedural television series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and the 296th overallReputation (stylized in all lowercase) is the sixth studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It was released on November 10, 2017, byBad Reputation may refer to: Bad Reputation (Dirty White Boy album), or the title song, 1990 Bad Reputation (Joan Jett album), or the title song (seeexchange of other important information, reputation systems are becoming vitally important to the online experience. The idea of reputation systems isother notable hit songs include "Bad Reputation", "Crimson and Clover", "Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)", "Light of Day", "I Hate Myself for Loving You"Reputational risk, often called reputation risk, is the potential loss to financial capital, social capital and/or market share resulting from damageGrossers of 1946", Variety 8 January 1947 p8 My Reputation on IMDb My Reputation at AllMovie My Reputation at the TCM Movie Database My Reputation at the AmericanReputation parasitism, reputation leeching or credibility leeching is a legal term regarding marketing. It refers to when one advertiser uses anotherReputation capital is the quantitative measure of some entity's reputational value in some context – a community or marketplace.[citation needed] In theThe reputation marketing field has evolved from the marriage of the fields reputation management and brand marketing, and involves a brand's reputationBad Reputation is the debut solo studio album by American recording artist Joan Jett. It was originally self-released in 1980 as a self-titled album afterBad Reputation is the eighth studio album by the Irish rock band Thin Lizzy, released in 1977. As the front cover suggests, most of the tracks feature"Bad Reputation" is the seventeenth episode of the American television series, Glee. The episode premiered on the Fox network on May 4, 2010. It was directedprocess of destroying the target's reputation and/or corporate identity. The objective in DPR is to discredit someone else, who may pose a threat to the client's"Bad Reputation" is a rock song co-written and recorded by Joan Jett and released as the debut single from her 1980 debut album of the same name. In 2009Bad Reputation is a 2005 American slasher film written and directed by Jim Hemphill. Michelle Rosen, an introverted and insecure high school student, isReputation and Rarities is the name of a repackaged/re-released version of British singer Dusty Springfield's 1990 studio album, Reputation. In late 1987figures for Reputation as of April 2018 Canada sales figures for Reputation as of November 2017 France sales figures for Reputation as of December 2017Dominate THE World Reputation Rankings". "The rankings suggest that the top six- ... Stanford University and the University of Oxford – form a group of globallyundermining of non-science and non-English instructing institutions and relying on subjective reputation survey are among the criticism and concerns. The creationBad Reputation is a 2018 American documentary film about the career of rock musician Joan Jett, directed by Kevin Kerslake and written by Joel Marcus.label in the UK and the rest of Europe in June 1990, Reputation was not only Springfield's first studio album in eight years at the time but also her firstprivacy- and reputation-related services for individuals. In March 2020, Reputation.com announced the appointment of Rebecca Biestman as the company's newthe 1570s, and detailed critical commentaries on modern authors did not begin to appear until the reign of Charles I. The facts about his reputation candirectly to the CEO or board of directors and belonging to the executive board of directors. The chief reputation officer is responsible for reputation, brandBrandYourself is a US-based online reputation management company. It provides software and services to help businesses and individuals out-rank negativechief reputation officer is sometimes included as one such subordinate executive officer, but, as suggested by Anthony Johndrow, CEO of Reputation Economyresponsibility and reputational threat posed by a crisis. Evaluating the crisis type, crisis history and prior relationship reputation will help crisisSmiling Men with Bad Reputations is the 1971 solo debut album by Mike Heron of the Incredible String Band (ISB). Listeners of The Incredible String Bandnational reputation for quality, reliability, and the ability to operate profitably in good and bad times. As befits the sometimes high-risk nature of stockthe years, this reputation largely stands intact. His presidential reputation has not always fared so well. Although his nomination as president of thea series of failures can completely ruin a mafioso's reputation, and with it his business. The more fearsome a mafioso's reputation is, the more he canA Woman With a Bad Reputation (Arabic: امرأة سيئة السمعة‎ "Imraah sayiah al-samah") is a 1973 Egyptian film directed by Henry Barakat and starring ShamsThe Reputation is the eponymous debut album by indie rock band The Reputation. It was released in 2002 on Initial Records. Written almost entirely bymanuscript-seller. After his death, Flamel developed a reputation as an alchemist believed to have discovered the philosopher's stone and to have thereby achievedpopular than the Queen's Gambit Declined, it nevertheless has a solid reputation. 2...c6 (Slav Defense) D10–D19. This is a solid response, although many neither of which charted. "Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)" off of Bad Reputation reached number 20 on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart. After releasing threealbum, Reputation (2017). It had a limited release as a promotional single in Australia and New Zealand on September 7, 2018, to support the AustralianThe Good Reputation (French: La bonne réputation, German: Der gute Ruf) is a 1926 French-German silent drama film directed by Pierre Marodon and starringRulin' the Earth (1985) Strike Back (1986) Undercover Animal (1988) Wild Obsession (1989) Nasty Reputation (1991) Eternal Prisoner (1992) Between the Wallsfloor debate who are familiar with the content and application of relevant rules and precedents and who have a reputation for fairness among their colleaguesBad Reputation is the third album by the Canadian guitarist David Wilcox. The album includes eleven songs. "Bad Reputation" – 2:44 "Ting Ting" – 3:40 "Somethin'scontinued the electropop sound on her next two studio albums: Reputation (2017) and Lover (2019), which embrace urban and retro styles, respectively. The albums

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