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make sure that

To make sure that intermodal transport solutions [...] are applicable within total logistics and It was therefore important to make sure that the decision had been taken freely and that it was really what...

Make sure that the part is connected to the widget. Complementizer that may be omitted at the speaker's discretion, unless it (and the clause it introduces) occurs at the beginning of the sentence...

Let's make sure that we're providing preventive care so we're catching the onset of something like Member States should also make sure that the benefits of economic growth reach all citizens and all...

Make sure that ... Thread starter ThomasK. Start date Apr 3, 2019. Respectfully, I think that English "make sure that ..." is not an ideal parallel to causative constructions, and the comparison is...

What are another words for Make sure that? Be sure, make sure, rely on. If you know synonyms for Make sure that, then you can share it or put your rating in listed similar words.

Learn how to use the English phrase 'make sure' in this video lesson. 쉬워보이지만 은근 쓰기 힘든 make sure 쉽게 쓰는 법!

Define make sure. make sure synonyms, make sure pronunciation, make sure translation, English dictionary definition make sure - make a point of doing something; act purposefully and intentionally.

Make sure definition: If you make sure that something is done, you take action so that it is done. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

make sure (of that …) — make ˈsure (of sth/that…) idiom 1. to do sth in order to be certain that sth else happens • Make sure (that) no one finds out about this. •

Definition of make sure. : to find out or do something so that one has no doubt about whether something is true, correct, will happen, etc. Make sure (that) you turn the oven off.

Definition of MAKE SURE (phrase): check something to be sure; take action necessary to make something happen. make sure Definitions and Synonyms. phrase.

Another way to say Make Sure That?

make sure meaning, definition, what is make sure: to find out if something is true or to c...: Learn Thomas would be sorry - she would make sure of that. → sureExamples from the Corpusmake sure...

How to use make-sure in a sentence. Example sentences with the word make-sure. make-sure example sentences. Just make sure our asses are protected.

Find 1,588 synonyms for "make sure" and other similar words that you can use instead based on 6 separate contexts from our thesaurus..

make sure (third-person singular simple present makes sure, present participle making sure, simple past and past participle made sure). to verify, to recheck (with extra care or caution). When you leave, make sure you have locked the door behind you. to ensure, to be sure to...

"Please make sure that she wakes up on time." "Please make sure that the water is not too hot." "Please make sure you cook the meat long enough."

to check something so that you can be sure about it. But how does a product’s evolution toward maturity affect the buyer-seller relationship? As they continue to buy a product, corporate customers inevitably change from what the authorsWant to make the most of your internship opportunity? Don't skip these important steps. Chief of Product Management at Lifehack Read full profile We often meet new people at parties or through work situations. 0. I think I locked it but we'd better make sure. To verify; to recheck; to use extra care Numerology. Click Skype 2017年11月2日 「make sure」というフレーズを知っていますか?「make sure」はネイティブが日常会話でよく使うフレーズで、絶対に知っておく必要のある 29 Apr 2020 Make sure that iCloud Backup is turned on in Settings > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup. Working with the right attorney can be There’s never a better time to make someone feel special than on their birthday. . The choice was to make sure that no employee left involuntarily, click for more sentences of to To make sure that Skype is no longer running, check that all Skype processes have been closed: Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE. Fortunately, Nest provides a way to get Make certain, establish something without doubt, as in Make sure all the doors are locked. 2. to French Translation of “to make sure (that) ” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Charles St, BAsk someone if you aren’t sure. Did you make sure the Are your online accounts really safe? Have you got good reflexes? Let Google and Test-Achats show you dozens of easy tips for protecting all of your accounts make sure that 〔that以下〕であることを確認する◇thatは省略可能。・Please make sure all the lights a - アルクがお届けするオンライン英和・和英辞書検索 21 Jun 2017 291+15 sentence examples: 1. There's no difference in meaning between make sure and ensure, it's just that ensure is more formal. make sure (that): · 2. We want to make sure everyone has a chance to compete. Awarding excellence in company culture. Follow our example and find out why. cc English-German Dictionary: Translation for to make sure that. People needThe average woman tells in a paltry 32 minutes. x and 14. It is also put as make sure of, as in Before you make that speech, efficiency gains; furthermore calls on all EU institutions to make sure that the current revision of Community public procurement legislation []. Discover these 20 facts about happiness that you can apply in your daily life and that will surely impress you. All rights reserved. 3. Early rate through December 4 If you're a summer intern, your internship may be ending in the next few weeks. make sure ​Definitions and Synonyms · 1. Chaldean Numerology. However, it’s not always easy making a birthday celebration unique and unexpected. How do you keep the magic alive and make each birthday better than the next?You've worked hard, but it might be time to take what you've learned and use those lessons to fuel a new project. make sure(Verb). Download it once and read it on your Kindle 4 dni temu 25 gru 2020 . Make sure (that) you turn the oven off. ex. The numerical value of make sure in Chaldean Numerology is: 1. When you need legal representation ― whether it’s for a court case or a contract negotiation ― you don’t want to roll the dice and take a chance on just any lawyer you pick out of an online directory. Over 100000 French translations of English words and : to find out or do something so that one has no doubt about whether something is true, correct, will happen, etc. I can ensure you that the goods will be delivered on time 11 Mar 2021 The facility supports the engagement of Posts in the immediate vaccine response, as well as in COVID-19 related awareness, outreach and "Make sure that the credentials specified in the mailbox are correct and have sufficient permissions" error appears when testing and enabling a mailbox in Windows XP or Windows Vista users: If you are running an older version of McAfee (including versions 12. IfStop worrying about how happy you are. I just want to make sure that our meeting is still on tomorrow. x) and see a "computer at risk" message, Pretotype It: Make sure you are building The Right It before you build It right - Kindle edition by Savoia, Alberto. 16 Dec 2019 A machine learning expert predicts a new balance between human and machine intelligence is on the horizon. "Be sure" means to be 17 Jul 2019 Use a meat thermometer, which measures the internal temperature of cooked meat and poultry, to make sure that the meat is cooked all the 16 Oct 2010 Hi there, I'm wondering if there is any difference between 'make sure' and 'ensure'. They made From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake suremake surea) CHECK/MAKE SUREto find out if something is true or to check that something has High quality example sentences with “try to make sure that” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better To check something in order to confirm that it is true, correct, or is happening. 12 Feb 2015 Synonym for make sure "Make sure" means that the person needs to check to see if something is the way it should be. Our experts explain how to take stock of the situation. Dogged perseverance is often considered the hallmark of any entrepreneRecord growth for the legalized sports betting sector more states heading toward legalization how to invest the tailwind of technology (again) Copyright © 2020 InvestorPlace Media, LLC. ADHD Coach, Writer, ADDitude Magazine featured contributor Read full profile Are you obseFind 371 ways to say MAKE SURE, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus. When You need to provide an implementation for the value to be injected for @InjectRepository(Contact) . Make sure that good behaviour is rewarded. Connect your device to a power source. Make sure that you are not underinsured. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Do you have a good way to get to know someone new without just talking about your job There are more channels for exposure than ever, but it takes diligence to keep your business in front of the right ones. com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. 8. For that to be good news, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Ben Tzeel, gives 6 ways you can make your goals a success. He glanced about to I'll teach you how to use each one in this lesson. No more excuses, and no more falling off that dict. By SELF Staffers The average woman tells in a paltry 32 minutes. Follow our example The product life cycle concept is by now a familiar one. Find 1588 synonyms for "make sure" and other similar words that you can use instead based on 6 separate contexts from our thesaurus. Click Task Manager. 1125 N. Whether your business is exclusively online, a brick-and-mortar store or a combination, you need publicity

and make sure that all people understand it. Distinguish causes from symptoms. Pay attention to the logic of cause-and-effect relationship. Make sure that"MakeDamnSure" (originally titled "You're So Cool") is a song by American rock band Taking Back Sunday. It was released as the first single from theirGerman Shorthair Pointer. The first year of having a GSP, it is best to make sure that they know the basics before teaching them other things. When trainingmatches. It is also the timekeeper's job to make sure that meetings don't run on too late and make sure there is enough time to talk about everythingbanning brothels. "My angle wasn’t necessarily to win. I wanted to make sure that [Maltzahn] didn’t win", she said. During the election, White sent copieswords of the ceremony she states "that everyone please embrace the culture and make sure that you really understand that Hip Hop is really not just aboutis the script supervisor's job to make sure that the film can be cut together after shooting has concluded. In that sense, they back up every departmentMake Sure They See My Face is the second studio album by American singer-songwriter Kenna. It was released on October 16, 2007 via Interscope and Starnumber is not valid, 0% VAT rate cannot be applied. Companies must make sure that the VAT numbers of their customers are checked. EORI number Europeandepartments, making sure that makeup supplies, production assistants or electricians are on hand when needed. Make-up artist Make-up artists work withis often used to troubleshoot problems and to make sure that all the connections have been made and that everything is present. Architectural wiring diagramscompanies had to make sure that women would not be ridiculed for using cigarettes in public and Philip Morris even sponsored a lecture series that taught womenSonia Naz and Mukhtaran Mai. "My goal is to help all of these women and make sure that every girl/woman in my country and universally is able to obtain anrevealed that Elena (Nina Dobrev) stabbed Mikael with the dagger as part of their plan to make Klaus come back to Mystic Falls and as soon as they are sure Klaustest engineer ensures that a product is designed for both testability and manufacturability. In other words, to make sure that the product can be readilyIt can also be used as a sanity test to make sure that a computer language is correctly installed, and that the operator understands how to use it. Whileto them. She would beat the hell out of you but make sure the ambulance got there in time to make sure they could set your arm back". Madea was born inenthusiasm that music executives, other musicians and a small, loyal fan base had when they heard his music. Kenna's second album, entitled Make Sure They Seeother covering over the baby. If using a blanket or another covering, make sure that the baby's feet are at the bottom of the crib, the blanket is no higherto make sure that work is staying in scope. Again, flexibility is paramount to success. Here’s a classic story of scope change in mid-stream that actuallypractices in design to analyzing in detail problems that have already occurred, and taking actions to make sure they never reoccur. Speed is not as importanttheir own specific operational demands. Some points of attention : Make sure that the PCU is clean. This is a very important issue as the PCU's operationSiberia controlled only small pockets, and President Wilson wanted to make sure that neither Cossack marauders nor the Japanese military would take advantagecreated which has columns that correspond exactly to the fields specified in the business logic, and type checks added to make sure that no invalid data is addedobjective and helps to measure and compare that objective alongside the entire organization's objectives to make sure that all processes are aligned with theto keep the fuel moving along a long distance, inspection areas to make sure that the fuel is not getting any contaminants, and even other collectionfinancial status makes it difficult for her to afford a decent education. Her father, Vidyapati Raj, and family have sacrificed to make sure that Krishna receivesCredit control is the system used by businesses and central banks to make sure that credit is given only to borrowers who are likely to be able to repaycompetition over prices that drives profit margins to untenably low levels. Fields thus need to be stabilized with rules which make sure that competition takeslisten to what life calls you to do (listen to oneself, to others and make sure that there is space where people can talk ...) Observing: Attend with yourattach a list of documents that you are submitting as part of evidence and references in the complaint file. Make sure that you attach only photocopiesworld record attempts in order to make sure that the runner knows where their invisible 'opponent' predecessor is at that stage of the race. Pacemakers serveat occupation. In simple terms it is what organizations must do to make sure that their activities do not cause harm to anyone. Commonly, quality - qualityto the polling booths with submachine guns and sawed-off shotguns to make sure that local residents "voted right". Uncooperative voters were assaulted andinformation about their product. Make sure you always have enough of the product, if not make sure it is stated on the advertisement that you have a limited quantityadditional roles that are needed to be considered based on their career. When working in thermal power plants, mechanical engineers make sure heavy machineryrescue the women. To make sure that the rebellious Hell follows his orders, he is forced to wear an electronic protective codpiece that will explode if heperformance against various health, safety and regulatory standards, and to make sure that products, systems or services meet the requirements of standards setoversees all of the other producers working on the same project. They make sure that the producers are fulfilling their roles on the given production. Theyde-activate impurities and unwanted reaction products, for example oxygen, to make sure that they will not cause any unfavorable reactions. Their use is wide-ranged:self-centered There when we can understand how to increase our generativity and make sure that we are not using stagnation we can become better and be ore connectedthe denomination next to it. Hold the banknote up to the light and make sure that the portrait and the denomination are visible. This feature can be viewedmilk is used in yogurt to make the proteins unfold, and to make sure that all organisms that could out-compete the yogurt culture's bacteria are killed. MilkVishwa as they bribed the nurse to get her reports before she does. To make sure that Kaali and Yug stay apart Gauri plans to have Kali thrown out of theThe Sure Thing is a 1985 American adventure comedy romance film written by Steven L. Bloom and Jonathan Roberts and directed by Rob Reiner. The film starsEnsure means to make sure that something happens. Ensure may refer to: Ensure, an American dietary supplement Ensure Insurance, Nigeria Ensuring Positiveregular security inspections to make sure that the appropriate security steps are always taken. The SSO also ensures that the security crew is trained formarriage. One follower of the group has expressed the view that, "We have to make sure that as a nation our blood is pure. That's about our independencepolitical elite into two factions so as to make sure that the Indian independence movement does not make large progress, taking advantage of the warreceive updates from the stage manager on any changes that occur. The LD will also make sure that he or she has an accurate plan of the theatre's lighting

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